Fabrics, so many beautiful Indian fabrics

I’ve only been to India once but I forever will be captivated by the colours. My interior design is inspired by many counties, but there’s just not anything else quite like Indian fabrics and silks. I read once that Indian fabrics have been called ‘exquisite poetry in colour’ which seems very apt.

Colour is used in a vivid, kaleidoscopic way.  It takes special meaning in Indian society, from bright pink to celebrate life in the spring festival of Huli, the iridescent rainbow of colours as millions of fireworks explode in Diwali, the festival of lights, through to saffron, the colour of religious asceticism.  The town of Jodhpur in Rajasthan is painted blue to echo the colour of the blue god Krishna – Indian Interiors company

As I said in another post, my mother bought me a little ceramic elephant from Indian a number of years ago and spawned a love for those. She is also one of the reasons that I have such a love for Indian textiles and am building up a little collection! Here’s some that I picked up from Malaysia and that she brought me back from a recent trip to Jaipur. With my new sewing skills, I’m excited to start turning some of these into cushions.


This reminds me so much of Matthew Williamson for some reason. Mum picked this up in a Jaipur fabric shop. Its actually for a salwar kameez but I want to use it to make cushions and perhaps trim for a coordinating throw.


I bought this in Malaysia from my boyfriend’s cousin, who’s an Indian fashion designer. Again, its for a salwar kameez and I am absolutely torn between getting it tailored into the most beautiful outfit or whether I really, really want it for my home.


These are three beautiful raw silks that I picked up in Kuala Lumpur on my recent holiday. I’ve not actually yet picked all the colour schemes for the various rooms but in such fabulous vibrant colours I’m sure that I’ll be able to make use of them somewhere.


Technically this gold lace is French rather than Indian, but I managed to buy it for a fraction of the price at an Indian fabric shop in Malaysia! I’m hoping to do some big cushions with the pale blue raw silk underneath. The gold explosion on the purple silk makes me think of fireworks.

These cushions are worth a special mention. They are from the Jaipur City Palace Museum shop, Palace Atelier. It was set up by the Princess Diya Kumari, who in addition to being a princess is also a prominent Indian politician. She founded the Palace Atelier to promote and showcase handcrafted products, reminiscent of the artifacts displayed in the palace museum. Diya Kumari is quoted as saying she has huge responsibilities to keep alive art and culture of the Jaipur royal family alive.

IMG_5095As you can see, these cushions are decorated with the most beautiful gold pattern. The technique is called ‘Gota’, using metallic threads like gold, silver and copper, which are woven into ribbon like strips of various sizes which in turn are manipulated to create different forms and patterns which are then stitched onto fabrics creating  very ornate surfaces. Its mainly used during festivals and auspicious ceremonies, and also on my lovely new cushions!

You can also head on over to my Pinterest for more inspiration like this.

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