A Different Kind of Design Inspiration from Malaysian Travels…. Part Two

I was lucky enough to spend New Year’s in Malaysia, and came back with a whole host of photographs to inspire me with decorating my new home. I won’t recount all the reasons why I loved Malaysia, and Asia more generally; you can read that on the Malaysian Travels Design Inspiration Pt One.

But the other day I was going through the rest of my pictures to find some more for a second blog when a package arrived from Malaysia containing a photographic print I’d ordered whilst I was out there from an art studio in Penang called Studio Howard. As it already feels like the trip was a lifetime ago, I’d slightly forgotten exactly what it was that I’d bought. But opening the package to find this vibrant shot of a Georgetown entrance, with its vivid yellows, pinks, greens and blues, took me right back to why I’d fallen so in love with this shot on first sight.

Georgetown, Penang - Studio Howard

Georgetown, Penang – Studio Howard

It was really a bit of fate and chance that I found Studio Howard at all. We were visiting the Spice Gardens in Penang and in the gift shop they had a couple of prints and greeting cards. I immediately fell in love with the colours and imagery, and made a mental note to look up the artist online.  The next day we were in Georgetown, the home to some of the pictures I’d seen, and just as we were about to leave it suddenly occurred to me to check if there was anywhere there that might stock a larger range. It turned out that their studio was literally right around the corner from where we were. Or so we thought. We arrived at the building and it said they had moved. I was crestfallen but thankfully we realised that their move was also just right around the corner.

And so I found this treasure trove packed full with hundreds and hundreds of stunning shots. Born in Penang, Howard is actually self-taught and is described as having a unique eye for capturing the ordinary and making it extraordinary. His images are awash with intense colour, and a faded beauty of these hidden backstreet shots.

So for my Malaysian Inspiration blog Part 2, here are the five new Studio Howard prints I bought for my little house… You can see the rest out below, plus more of his work on their website studiohoward.com.

And with move day now just six days away, I’ll need to start thinking about where to hang them.

Bicycle I, Perlis Road

Bicycle I, Perlis Road

Indian House, China Street

Indian House, China Street


Altar for the Jade Emporer, Jelutong Road

Altar for the Jade Emporer, Jelutong Road

Heavenly Guardians III, Khoo Kongsi

Heavenly Guardians III, Khoo Kongsi

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