Serendipity: a horoscope and the #100dayproject  

I began blogging with the best of intentions, when I bought my little Victorian Dream house three years ago, but its fair to say it completely fell by the wayside. I love writing, I love design and I love the idea of a creative hobby outside of work. It should have been a recipe for success but perhaps at the time it just wasn’t meant to be.

Over the past few months however, I’ve really been missing creatively writing. I’ve changed roles into an entirely new area and the learning curve has been full of highs and lows, fist pumps and occasional tears, mental stretch and, come 5pm, just complete and utter exhaustion. The past month especially has been a period of new experiences and intense personal growth.

It’s also been a time of signs. I’m not embarrassed to admit I am a complete horoscope addict, much to the amusement of some of my more cynical friends (you know who you are). And having eschewed religion for most of my life, I’ve also been delving deeper into my spirituality, my own understanding of a higher power.

As I’ve perhaps been more open to seeing them, I have also been awestruck by the little everyday moments of serendipity that seem to happen when just when we need them, one of which led to me picking up a pen again (and perhaps more on some of the other signs in later posts, I have a goose bump giving one about a butterfly).

So today I want to say thank you to my two favourite and eerily accurate astrologers, the Astrotwins Ophira and Tali, for their Sunday reminder that Mercury retrogrades aren’t just a time for travel and communication chaos, or the return of an ex (gulp), but also a great time to dust off an old creative venture of the past, and an even bigger thank you for the introduction to the simple and simply brilliant 100 Day Project.

Quite simply it does what it says on the tin; a 100 day project where each day, for 100 days, you pick an art, an action, and commit to doing and sharing it every day on Instagram. A free, global art project that anyone can participate in. So never being one to ignore a sign – with the odd exception when my very human head is buried deeply in the sand – I’m taking part. And blogging each day is my chosen art. I’m going to detour from design and keep to a broader theme around well-being and personal development, as well recording the random assortment of daily inspiration that keeps me falling (back) in love with life, though I may detour again. The the writer and artist Tina Essmaker said two things in her 100 Day Project podcast that resonated with me:

There’s no magic. You can’t wait. I wasn’t making the space or taking the time to create anything. There’s never such a thing as when I feel ready, when I have enough time. The biggest lesson for me was I had to just start where I was and do something, little by little. Instead of waiting for something to change externally, I had to change my thinking.

When we begin projects so often we get stuck on the outcome. It’s more about the process and things will evolve as you’re doing them and you have to be open to it. It could fail, it could succeed, it could be really great, you could learn from lessons, you could hate it. It doesn’t matter, the outcome, it’s all about the process and how you can learn and grow from that.

So with that, its #backtoblogging.

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