I’m so good at sleeping I can do it with my eyes closed… Five Tried and Tested Tips

There was a blog about connecting with others that I really wanted to write today but in all honesty, I’m just too damn tired!

So I’ll save it for another day and instead, inspired by yesterday’s post on Matthew Walker’s brilliant book ‘Why We Sleep’, I thought I’d share my finely tuned pre-sleep schedule that sets me up for a divinely serene slumber. (Remember, World’s Best Sleeper….I am really good at this!)

  1. Valerian, Melissa and Passiflora natural sleep remedy, mine mixed by Helios Homeopathy – I don’t think I have ever taken a sleeping tablet in my life (fear of addiction and thankfully in my experience UK Doctors are much less inclined to prescribe) but a friend introduced me to this herbal remedy which she in turn was introduced to at a Swiss health clinic. 10 drops in a glass of water later, and my body is immediately flooded with a wonderful and all natural sense that it’s time to sleep.
  2. Heather and Heath’s Organic Nighttime Tea – I’ve tasted and tried A LOT of herbal teas and whilst I adore Pukka Teas Detox and Cleanse for the day, Heather and Heath have it down for me at night. I take a mug to sip while reading in bed without fail.
  3. This Works Sleep Plus Pillow Spray – head over to their site for all the accolades and studies asserting that this works (I see what they did there…) but it really, really does. I’ve just run out so I’m swapping in for an amazing Ayurvedic Sleep Intense ‘Dream Mist’ that I picked up in Sri Lanka last year. There’s a corresponding balm for temple, wrist etc points that you breathe in deeply pre-sleep that I also swear by. Whilst the fresh linen smell of newly clean sheets might fade, a pillow spray sends me right off into a real state of relaxation.
  4. Daily Greatness Journal (or any journal or notebook of choice) – personally I love the morning / evening structure of my Daily Greatness Journal, and although this is a relatively new addition to my routine, I’ve noticed that the ritual of reflecting back on the day just gone and writing down what’s on my mind before bed marks a proper end to the awakened day.
  5. Holistic Silk Lavender Eye-mask – at £55, I am well aware this is a little on the extravagant side, but I fell in love with this absolutely divine eye mask about a year or so ago and it is now a regular for replacement on my Birthday and Christmas lists (thanks Mum!). Plus I use it every night so the use per wear is very economical. The lavender unsurprisingly fades after initial use, but the velvety softness against your eyelids lasts for an age. Plus it matches my bedroom decor. I used to laugh at my parents for sleeping with an eye mask but my goodness it is just bliss.

And with that, it’s time for me to complete my evening steps.

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