Follow the Call of the Disco Ball

As I confessed in a blog post last week I am definitely a born and bred Night Owl. On the thankfully rare occasions I am forced to haul my body out of bed before sunrise my caffeine intake sky-rocks and I want to eat everything in sight.

Last year however that began to change when my awesome friend and fellow glitter-loving goddess Jessi introduced me to the (roughly) monthly miracle that is Morning Gloryville. Much to the bemusement of my colleagues, morning sober raving before work is now firmly planted right at the top of my hobby tree.

I think you have to experience it to believe it; most sceptics just can’t imagine the idea of a) dancing without booze or b) the appeal of dancing at dawn.

All the glitter, being greeted on arrival with hugs, the fact that people genuinely smile, are kind, chatty and best of all just collectively connecting in the music, dancing and the amazing vibes (yes properly vibes, I can’t think of a better or more apt way to describe the energy there).

There’s a whole wealth of evidence that dancing is great for health, well-being, mental health and add to that, just such fun. I’m only just nearing home after starting at Ministry of Sound way before my usual bed-rise (I’m not sure what the reverse of bedtime is so I’m going with that) and I’m still bright-eyes, bushy-railed and bouncing to an albeit now imaginary beat. Also, I couldn’t think of a better way to mark five weeks since I dedicated to stop drinking.

I remember reading a review that described it as ‘surreal, strange and unfamiliar’, though I think they meant it in a good way! To me it feels like home. A friend said me to the other week I was good at finding the unusual fun stuff to do, and this is absolutely my number one recommendation. When in doubt, dance it out.

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