Restorative reiki

Today I experienced my second session of reiki, this time in a group restorative yoga and reiki workshop, with the absolutely amazing Vickie Williams who I met just under two months ago at the Re:Mind studio in Belgravia (PS it’s London’s first meditation studio, a proper sanctuary of serenity nestled just a stone’s throw from the hustle and bustle of Victoria’s station).

I had one private session with Vickie about 6 weeks ago, having wanted to try reiki for an age. It was one of those fantastic serendipitous moments where the only spot I had free for weeks happened to be the next day and by some small stroke of good fortune she was free too.

As you may have guessed from my loud and proud horoscope obsession, I definitely lean into my spiritual side. But reiki really is something else. It’s quite hard to find the right words to do the experience justice but feeling the energy re-balancing around your body is just… wow. And even more incredible when you think that reiki ‘just’ involves laying on hands. I can’t remember ever feeling anything that comes remotely close to the balance, calmness and peace that I have felt after those sessions, so much that it seems to be radiating throughout and out of me.

Wondering what reiki is? This description from the International Centre (yes I am overriding the American spelling) for Reiki Training is spot on:

As connecting with others as a form of self-care is something I’ve been thinking about recently, I especially adore the idea that reiki is all about activating your body’s own ability to heal itself, where your healer connecting with your inner energy and the two of you – or as I experienced this morning, the whole group – coming together to rebalance and restore. I promise no money has exchanged hands for this blog, but Vickie’s energy is incredibly calming and restorative on its own, let alone as she practices healing.

As is often the way if we open our eyes to signs, my two experiences with reiki have come at what have felt like a pivotal period of change where some bad behaviours needed to be ‘unblocked’, much like my chakras! The first session with Vickie was exactly one week before I really made the decision to stop drinking, and today came straight off the back of finally feeling like I have mentally freed myself of a toxic relationship. Vickie was also the one who helped me have my very serendipitous meeting with my human butterfly spirit animal but that one I’m saving for tomorrow night… (Issy – if you are still reading this, I’m firstly amazed, secondly I am bracing myself for a slightly abusive and bewildered WhatsApp message, and finally you might want to give tomorrow’s blog a miss….!)

So, in summary, if you’ve ever wondered about reiki it’s an absolute must – right up there with sober raving. And do look Vickie up. I’m still basking in the after effects of this morning but I’m also already looking forward to my next slot.

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