The butterfly counts not months but moments and has time enough

Its lucky that I made a public commitment last night to blog about my recent butterfly encounter because I have to say I couldn’t think of anything else to write about today! (Note to self, must think of a compelling blog topic tomorrow). For a rare change recently, its actually not because I am sleepy. Its actually because I have just had a really good, uneventful, happy, content day! Which is a wonderful thing, but doesn’t necessarily make for the best writing.

I’m partly attributing my good mood to the sunshine which is an instant mood-lifter. I am a proper little sunflower and the (finally!) change in weather just lifts my mood. The other part of it was starting yesterday with a morning of reiki and spending the rest of the day with a newly found dear friend. (Oh, and I’m sure the end of Mercury’s retrograde and the Aries full moon last night is also to thank).

So, time for the tale of the butterfly. As I mentioned last night, it was my reiki healer Vickie who said she saw a butterfly around me as we went through the session (sceptics, please bear with me, or at least don’t give up on my blog for good!). Afterwards, we looked up the meaning of the butterfly and for a number of reasons it made me smile at the time:

Get ready for a big change, one where an old habit, way of thinking or lifestyle is going out and a new way of being is emerging. It’s time to make the changes you’ve been considering. In spite of the challenges, you’ll get through this transition, and as always, know that “this too shall pass”.

Oh and also ‘to express myself by wearing more colourful clothing’ which, having been a teenage goth who only wore black for years and has since rebelled against it with the most colourful wardrobe I can get away with, felt very apt!

There’d been a number of changes I had been considering around this time, some around people, some around some habits I wanted to ‘upgrade’ and also that I wanted to take a break from drinking. But whilst I’d been thinking about them, and slowly coming to the decision to make a change, I hadn’t done it yet.

A week later I met someone who has proved to be a really special influence in my life and quite frankly it can only be described as her literally adopting me, taking me for tea, and deciding she was going to be my friend. Thankfully I thought she was fab, and her openness was exactly what my slightly British reservedness at the moment needed, otherwise it could have made for quite an awkward evening!

About a week later, after many more chats, messages and meeting ups, I started telling her about my recent experience of reiki.

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