About Me

A North London girl gone South, I moved to Bermondsey six years ago with dreams of moving from my new build flat into a beautiful little house. After walking down streets, gazing wistfully at the two up, two down Victorian terraced workman’s cottages, imaging making my home there, just me and my cat (who sadly passed away aged 19, before the dream came true), in November 2013 I started my search. One year later I found my house, and two baby kittens later I have my little home.

Now I am lucky enough to get to live the dream of designing and creating my perfect home, which I wanted to chart on this blog. Recently though I decided to detour from design – which I was never consistently good at blogging about – to write on a broader range of topics, kick started by the #100dayproject. I think the blurb I wrote for a design blog holds true however: I can guarantee it’ll be slightly eclectic, very colourful and uniquely me. Lots on mental health and well-being, women and the workplace with a little spirituality throw in for good measure.

When not blogging – so a lot of the time – I can be found working in tech, reading all the physical books I can find on topics ranging from the future of the Internet to Japanese fiction. I’m Trustee of an amazing charity, Young Women’s Trust, which campaigns for and supports disadvantaged young women trapped in low or no pay. I love adventures and finding new activities to try, which regularly involves book-ending my day with sober raving at dawn and opera before bed.

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– Alex Birtles

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